K-8000c LED Pixel Controller

Item number: LCO-1061-01

EAN: 4260587330464

Category: Stand-Alone

The K-8000c controller is used for self-sufficient control of our LED Pixel chains and our LED-Pixel-Strips.

The K-8000c is the great brother to the K-1000C Controllers and additionally supports various RGBW LED drivers (4 channels). He also has a display.

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The K-8000C controller can drive a maximum of 8,192 RGB LED pixels (1024 pixels at each of the 8 ports). Up to 512 pixels can be controlled with a frame rate of 30fps. If more than 512 pixels are connected to the controller, the controller automatically shuts down the frame rate.

The programs are created with the freely available software LEDEdit (as of version 2016) on the computer and then stored on SD card.

The programs stored on the SD card can then be selected by means of buttons on the K-8000C controller and changed in speed. An SD card can store up to 32 programs.

application areas:

  •   Advertising displays
  •   Control of Christmas lights
  •   AmbiLight
  •   Club lights
  •   Stage light
Technical specifications
Voltage: 5-24V DC
Power consumption: 1W
Length: 180.00mm
Width: 120.00mm
Height: 30.00mm
Working temperature: -30 bis + 85 °C
Case: Metal
SD card slot: Supports SD cards from 128Mb - 32GB
Programs: Supports max. 32 programs on the SD card
max. Pixel total: up to 8,192 LED pixels controllable. (1,024 each of the 8 ports)
Multiple controllers can be synchronized (via RS485 interface)
Delivery included: 1 Controller and 1 SD Card


supported Pixel
LedEditSoftware Corresponding mode max. Drive  Pixel
UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, UCS2904,UCS2909, UCS2912 8.192 Pixel
TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812 8.192 Pixel
WS2811, WS2812, 8.192 Pixel
SM16703,SM16709, SM16712 8.192 Pixel
INK1003 8.192 Pixel
LX3203, LX1603, LX1103 8.192 Pixel
GS8205, GS8206 8.192 Pixel
SK6812 8.192 Pixel
SM16716, SM16726 8.192 Pixel
P9813 8.192 Pixel
LPD6803 8.192 Pixel
LX1003, LX1203 8.192 Pixel
WS2801 8.192 Pixel
TM1913, TM1914 8.192 Pixel
P9883, P9823 8.192 Pixel
DMX, DMX 500K, DMX 250K-CZF, DMX 250K-CZF (Support up to 512x8=4.096 Pixel, suggest to support =320x8=2.560 Pixels
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