PixLite 4 MkII ECO Control Board

Item number: LCO-1047-01

Category: ArtNet/E1.31

The Advatek PixLite 4 MkII ECO RGB Pixel Mapping Controller can control 2,720 RGB pixels (2,048 RGBW pixels) .

An additional DMX512 universe can be controlled via an additional output.

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You can connect your LED pixels directly to the PixLite 4 MkII ECO Controller. The SPI decoder receives control data via a sACN (E1.31) or Art-Net-over-Ethernet network connection.

With a capacity of 2,720 RGB pixels (2,048 RGBW pixels) and 4 outputs, the PixLite 4 MkII ECO Controller is perfect for small pixel projects.

In addition to the 4 pixel outputs, the PixLite 4 MkII ECO controller can control another DMX512 universe (controlled only via the E1.31 protocol) via an additional output. Thus, besides the pixels, e.g. a fog machine or a PAR headlight.

The PixLite 4 MkII ECO Controller supports the following protocols:

  •   sACN (E1.31)
  •   Art-Net

The PixLite 4 MkII ECO controller is multicast and unicast capable.
The total capacity is 16 DMX universes. It can thus be controlled up to 680 RGB pixels or 510 RGBW pixels per output.

The Advatek GUI Utility makes it very easy to configure the controller and update it to new firmware.

Pixel power can be supplied directly through the controller up to 7.5A per output, but it comes standard with 5A mini-blade fuses. You can change the fuses to any values(up to a maximum of 7.5 A, a maximum of 30 A per controller).

Technical specifications
Input: sACN (E1.31), Art-Net
Voltage: 5V -24V DC
max. Last: 30A
Length: 113mm
Width: 70mm
Working temperature: -40 bis + 80 °C
Pixel outputs: 4
DMX512 outputs: 1 (only over E1.31)
max. Pixel per output: 680 RGB-Pixel (510 RGBW-Pixel)
max. Pixel total: 2.720 RGB-Pixel (2.048 RGBW-Pixel)
Delivery included: 1 Controller


supported Pixel

Currently the following pixels are supported:

 TLS3001,   SM16716,   WS2801,   WS2811/12/B,   APA104,   TM180x,   MBI6020, 
 INK1003,   APA102,   SK6812,   UCS1903,   MY9221,   MY9231,   LPD6803, 


Note: Only one pixel type can be used per controller.

If your desired pixel is not supported, please contact us, we may be able to realize your pixel for you as a special programming (fee-based).

user manual
  user manual